Demoing Web Applications with Firefox Containers

07 Feb 2020 | Piper McCorkle

When demoing a feature to product, stakeholders, or other engineers, it's often useful to have multiple sessions open at a time. A common approach is to use the browser's private browsing mode, such as Chrome's incognito or Firefox's private windows. This can cause issues, however, when the demo necessitates more than two sessions, or you would like to prepare multiple scenarios ahead of time.


ETL from Datomic to BigQuery

01 Aug 2019 | Jeff Chen

At Ladder, we use Datomic as our primary data store and Google BigQuery as our data warehouse. We've iterated on how we send data from Datomic to BigQuery - starting from a nightly job dumping every entity and ending with a streaming solution with just seconds of latency. In this blog post, we'll walk through bucketing Datomic entities into BigQuery tables, transforming entities into rows, and using one of Datomic's superpowers to stream changed entities into BigQuery.


API Docs That Automatically Stay Up To Date

18 Jan 2018 | Simon Labute

Ladder recently rolled out the Ladder API as part of our one year launch anniversary, and with that, we had to decide up front how we were going to tackle keeping documentation in sync with reality.